As it looks today…


  1. Thanks for sharing this picture of Port Richmond. My mother and Aunt early in around 1965 left myself and my cousin in the car while they shopped they were taking forever we were going crazy. Not only leaving us in the car alone we were around eight years old they also left the keys in the ignition. Well long story short we moved the car up the road each time the car in front of us moved about five car spots up the road. When the Moms got back to the car they were oblivious to the moved car..thank god in that!! Fun memory Those were the days…

  2. We were from South Beach, but I remember my Mom taking me to Garber’s. Bought me an Easter hat and then another time a bathing suit. My sister worked at Lerner’s after school in her senior year. She’d get embarrassed when my Mom would bring me shopping with her on Thursday nights and we’d stop by to visit her. Remember my sister and her friend taking me and her little sister (we were 12 years younger than our siblings) down to The Avenue (I think it was called that) on a Saturday afternoon. They were looking for boys, of course. Treated us to ice cream somewhere, straight out of Happy Days. A couple of years later, I remember waiting in my sister’s car while she exchanged some hosiery she’d received for Christmas that was the wrong size at Albert’s. Nice memories.


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