This manhole cover, which I must have walked past 100 times, is on New Dorp Lane (on the walkway – not street) between NDHS & Miller Field. When I stopped to look at it, I was surprised to see “United Dry Dock, Inc. S.I. / Foundry Dept.”

United Dry Dock was originally Burlee Dry Dock in 1895, took over Port Richmond Iron Works in 1898, and after merging with a number of companies, became United Dry Dock in 1929 – and that name lasted to 1934, so we have a good idea when this manhole cover was manufactured.

From 1935-38, it was United Shipyards, and they were purchased by Bethlehem Steel, which operated here until 1960.

Besides some major historic attractions on Staten Island, there are still some little “clues” about our history to be found in unexpected places!



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